What do current wearers say about their Páramo?


  What do current wearers say about their Páramo?

I bought a Páramo Cuzco Jacket around 5 years ago and it's had some batterings from the weather, the worst one a week in the Scottish Highlands fly fishing. The weather was horrendous all week and the jacket kept me dry and warm more than any Goretex has ever done. Straight away I bought a windproof Fuera for hillwalking and cycling as I was so impressed with Páramo. Now 5 years later I've just bought a Pájaro jacket and it looks and feels lovely, I hope I have as much joy out of it as my others .
paul siddle
  Paul Siddle, Co. Durham

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  Fuera Windproof Jacket,

Fuera Windproof Smock


Ladies’ Pájaro Jacket

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