What do current wearers say about their Páramo?


  What do current wearers say about their Páramo?

Every week I walk in the Lake and Peak Districts and have a collection of jackets, trousers, gloves and hats to suit every type of weather. I have benn reading about Páramo for a number of years, but had difficulty believing they could achieve all the performance claims made for the garments, particularly when I saw them in stores and felt how light and soft they were. However, I recently bought a pair of Fuera Windproof Trousers and a Jacket and carried them around with me for a while, still believing that they couldn't possibly perform in the way described. I finally got around to using them a couple of weeks ago and WOW, am I a convert. So much so that I went out and bought a pair of Cascada Trousers and a Velez Smock.

Last weekend, wearing the Velez, I walked up Threshthwaite Cove and into mist. I know that I passed The Beacon and High Street but I could really have been anywhere, the mist was thick, the wind was high and the rain continuous. At no time did I feel cold or damp and, when I got back down to the car, I was dry and VERY comfortable. I can't wait for colder weather to check out the Explorer Pull-on I have added to my collection.

I am now a real enthusiast and just have one problem. Do you know anyone who wants a collection of second-hand "waterproof" clothing, various makes, XL size?
  Steve Brothwell, Stoke-on-Trent

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  Fuera Windproof Jacket, Velez Smock,

Men's Cascada Trousers

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