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The Company
Based in Wadhurst, East Sussex, Páramo Directional Clothing Systems is a manufacturer of innovative, functional and comfortable mountain and travel clothing.

The idea behind the fabrics used in Páramo garments came about in 1984. Nick Brown, founder of Nikwax, became disillusioned with conventional outdoor clothing and set about creating a clothing system that directs wind, water and still air to the correct place for a particular activity. For further information see 'Company Background'

The majority of them come from Spanish words, tying in with our commitment to South America. More recently we have used volcano names for our Trek & Travel garments and a few British ones within our Reversible Shirt range.

Greg Care is an experienced mountain instructor based in the Lake District who heads a team of dedicated designers and outdoor users based both in the Lakes and here at Head Office.

Maintainable performance
Conventional waterproofs can struggle to maintain breathability in very cold conditions or in high humidity. Páramo will continue to perform because it not only directs moisture vapour but also expels condensed liquid water.

Minimal water retention
Páramo will recover from total or partial immersion by pumping liquid water and air around your body.

Being warm as well as waterproof, means you can leave behind some of your insulating layers. Adjustable ventilation provides comfort in warm as well as cool conditions.

The rustle and crunch of coated or membrane fabrics are a thing of the past with Páramo. Nikwax Analogy garments are made using tough, silent and flexible fabrics. This allows easy and efficient packing, as 'stuffing' does not harm the products.

Immunity to puncture
Puncture of the outer or inner fabric will not lead to leakage. You could fill the garment with pins, take them out, wear the garment in the rain, and still remain dry.

The performance of these garments can be indefinitely renewed by caring for them with Nikwax products. (Conventional waterproofs i.e. membranes can eventually de-laminate and crack or taped seams loosen making repair uneconomical).

Páramo garments offer genuine windproofing in outer fabrics - not just resistance, i.e. no chilling of the fabric through the insulation.

Yes, Páramo can be recycled, to see more please click here

Problem solving
We guarantee everything we make.

1. Any manufacturing defect will be rectified free of charge.
2. Damage to the garment by accident or normal 'wear and tear' can be repaired by Páramo at reasonable cost. Obviously the time taken for 'normal wear and tear' will depend on the amount of use a garment has.
3. The weather protection systems employed by Páramo, maintained correctly with Nikwax aftercare, will outperform membrane and coating based systems.

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your Páramo garment and the retailer from which you bought it is in easy distance then yes, you should seek the expertise of your Páramo retailer who will advise you accordingly. In the unlikely event that you require a refund this MUST be done via the retail outlet from which it was purchased within 28 days of purchase. If it is impossible to reach the outlet from which the garment was purchased then please contact us directly - visit our customer services page for further information.

There is a downloadable form on the Customer Services page which outlines the procedure and address in which to send your garment.

We recommend that all returns are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery so that they are insured against any loss or damage.

Any form of secure packaging.

We will write to you on receipt of your garment outlining the action to be taken.

The cost for any chargeable repairs will be quoted in the letter confirming safe receipt of your garment/action required. We accept payment by cheque, switch or credit cards (excluding Amex)

This is dependent on seasonal fluctuations - but on average we aim to turnaround our 'clean and re-proof' service in approx 2 weeks, our Guarantee repairs average approx 4 weeks and any alterations/modifications can take up to approx 6-8 weeks during the winter season.

Send it in to us with a covering letter - use the downloadable return form on the Customer Services page. Remember to ensure your garment is in a clean and dry condition. We will quote for any repairs upon receipt of your garment.

Contact Páramo Customer Services on 01892 786444 and we will send you out a replacement free of charge.

Send your garment in to us with a covering letter - use the downloadable return form on the Customer Services page and remember to ensure your garment is in a clean and dry condition. We will assess and replace any faulty poppers free of charge.

Páramo Cambia products are guaranteed for defects in manufacturing. However, as with all base layers, the high performance, stretch and soft handle of these garments makes them vulnerable to damage from abrasive surfaces. Such damage is unlikely to compromise Cambia's unique performance and we would recommend that you continue to use the garment as usual. Please remember that in harsh conditions these garments are ideally worn under windproofs, waterproofs or other outer layers to protect their appearance.

Cleaning and Proofing
The waterproof performance of your garment can be maintained indefinitely by using Nikwax garment aftercare products.

Check that the soap dispenser in your washing machine is clean and free from all traces of detergent and fabric conditioner as this may be the cause.

Please contact the Nikwax Customer Services Team on 01892 786400 or email customer.services(at)nikwax.co.uk who will resolve your query.

Apologies for the unusual looking email address, this is in an effort to reduce spam.

Yes, you can - so be sure to follow the instructions on your Nikwax bottle/ pouch carefully. If your garment looks and feels 'overproofed' contact Nikwax Customer Services Team on 01892 786400 who will advise you how to correct this.

We recommend washing with Nikwax Tech Wash every 4-8 weeks of regular wear.

No, we recommend re-proofing with Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In every 12 months, or when washing with Nikwax Tech Wash fails to restore the water-repellency. You can test the water-repellency by placing the garment under a running tap after it has been washed with Tech Wash (even while the garment is still wet).

Prior to washing, try applying undiluted Nikwax Tech Wash directly to the stain - if this doesn't remove it then phone Páramo Customer Services for advice on 01892 786444. If it is a very stubborn stain, like oil, we would suggest a professional dry clean and re-proof which we can organise for you.

Nikwax Analogy
Nikwax Analogy Fleece
Nikwax Analogy Insulator
Nikwax Windproof

For Nikwax Parameta S, Parameta A, Parameta T, Parameta T Reversible and Parameta Stretch products - We recommend you wash your garment in Nikwax BaseWash. Alternatively you may use a non-bio household detergent but avoid those with in-built fabric softeners and conditioners or bleaching agents. Do not waterproof.

All our laboratory testing so far suggests that you can wash any of your Páramo garments using Nikwax Aftercare products at 30C rather than 40C and will achieve excellent results. There may be occasions when you choose to wash at a higher temperature to remove certain stains.

It provides you with excellent weather protection - all Páramo waterproof jackets and smocks benefit from a two inch drip skirt over the hem drawcord. This is elasticated for comfort and ease of movement and will aid water shedding and help minimise wet trousers.

For those activities that do not require a hood, such as cycling and mountain biking.

For those activities where a fixed-hood is an absolute must! For example, alpinists and adventure racers.

Field of vision is improved and water can be deflected more efficiently. The fixed wire peak is particularly beneficial for those who wear glasses.

They create an air space down the centre of your back to improve air flow and breathability and enhance your comfort. They are easily removable if not required.


A pocket that has been lined with Nikwax Analogy Pump Liner and is designed to keep things dry or to dry out wet items. (Caution: due to the high breathability and directionality of the garment, perspiration can pass through the pocket from the inside to the outside. Items such as paper maps should still be stored in a protective case)

A pocket that has not been lined with the Nikwax Analogy Pump Liner as breathability, functionality and reduced insulation are priorities.

To allow you to roll them up easily, as exposing your forearms provides maximum surface cooling.

To allow you to attach the Fuera Windproof Jacket hood if required. Hoods can be bought separately (navy only) for £25.00 (contact your retailer or Customer Services).

Trees for Life is a Scottish charity committed to restoring the native Caledonian forest. Páramo are working with Trees for Life to plant saplings.

Clothing Protection Factor

Overlayering simply allows you to add insulation without having to remove your outer layer, reducing heat loss after exercise or during rest stops. A Páramo overlayer is designed so that it can easily be put on over a Páramo Directional Waterproof jacket/smock when extra warmth is required.

Please talk to our UK Sales Office - telephone us on 01892 786453. Alternatively please click here to complete the trade enquiry form.