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Páramo garments provide maximum comfort and performance during their life. We provide comprehensive Customer Service to ensure that you get the most from every Páramo garment you own.  

We also genuinely do value your feedback on all aspects of our range and our service - so please get in touch!

 Customer Feedback

At Páramo we positively encourage feedback.... 

If you have a question, please contact us on the 01892 786444 or click here to send us your question.

If you have a suggestion for a change to a garment, for a new style to suit your activity or a particular colour that you would like to see in the range, or if you are happy to give us general feedback on the Páramo garment or garments that you wear to help us develop the range, please complete this feedback form.

 Lifetime Guarantee and Repair Policy

The Páramo guarantee

Any manufacturing fault will be resolved, free of charge, for the life of the garment.

Registration and proof of purchase

In order to be covered by the guarantee, your garment needs either to be registered with Páramo or alternatively you will need to provide us with a valid receipt or other valid proof of purchase from an authorised Páramo reseller. You can register your garment by filling in your details on the swingtag card or online here. The guarantee only applies to the original owner of the garment when registered within 3 months of purchase and is non-transferable.

Wear and Tear

All our garments are manufactured to meet our extremely high quality and performance standards. However, even the most cared-for garments eventually show signs of wear and tear. Accidents happen, moving parts wear out and fabrics fade with time and use. General wear and tear or accidental damage is not covered by the guarantee but even these garments can be repaired for a reasonable cost. For example, garments owned by professional outdoor teams will be used virtually every day and will wear at a quicker rate than a garment used only at the weekends.

Considerations including component lifetime

Any work carried out on a Páramo garment by a third party will invalidate the guarantee.

The guarantee is limited to the repair of the garment and excludes consequential loss or damages.

We source the highest quality components for use in all our garments. However, no component will last forever. Varying levels of use will affect the lifespan of all components. In every case, a fair assessment will be made of the overall level of wear of the individual garment based on the expert knowledge of our workshop team. Any charge made for a repair will be at the discretion of Páramo based on this fair assessment.

The Páramo advantage

Páramo garments offer significant advantages over other manufacturers’ garments in terms of durability and longevity. The waterproofing is renewable indefinitely with Nikwax aftercare products. The correct aftercare is vital to maintaining the performance of the directional fabrics and therefore prolonging the life of the garment.

In addition to caring for your garment at home, Páramo offers a professional clean & re-proof service at the cost of £30.00 per garment. Any garment being repaired or modified (whether under guarantee or not) will have this carried out as part of the process.

 Chargeable Repairs and Alteration Service from 1st January 2014

Should your garment become damaged or require alteration, Páramo offers a comprehensive repair and alteration service at a reasonable cost. Examples of typical charges are listed below:

Repairs and patching



(depending on garment & damaged area)

Replacement back panel



Jacket main zip replacement



Pocket zip replacement



Single side leg zip replacement on trousers




Shortening legwear



Lengthening legwear



Garment body alterations




Hood replacements when made to order




Professional clean & re-proof service



  Paramo repair

Any garment requiring repair or alteration will be assessed before an exact cost can be given. If you have any specific requests or queries, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01892 786444 or email enquiries@paramo.co.uk and we will do our utmost to help. We will always provide a quote for the cost of any work before it is carried out.

 Returning Garments

To return a garment to us for assessment, please complete our returns form and return it with the freshly laundered garment to the following address:

Unit L
Durgates Industrial Estate,
East Sussex,

  Click here to download our customer returns form.

Please ensure that all garments are laundered before returning them to us. Any garments which require cleaning prior to repair will be subject to a £10.00 charge.

 Turn-around times

Average turn-around time on paid repairs or modifications of garments is 6 weeks. We endeavour to process guarantee queries more quickly than this and usually should be able to carry out an assessment, communicate with you and return the garment to you within 4 working weeks of the garment arriving with us. This may change due to seasonal variations. For the most up-to-date estimated turn-around time, please call
01892 786444.

 Aftercare for your Páramo garment


The correct aftercare for your Páramo Analogy garment is essential for maintaining the performance of our unique fabrics and therefore prolonging the life of your garment.

  • We recommend regular cleaning with Nikwax TechWash (every 4-8 weeks with regular use, more often in muddy conditions, for example). Rapid wetting of the outer fabric in rain (i.e. water absorbed by the fabric) is a sure sign that the water-repellency is fading and that washing in TechWash is required.
  • We recommend re-proofing with Nikwax TX.Direct every 4-6 washes. More frequent re-proofing will not necessarily produce improved performance.


Base layers such as Cambia Tshirts and underwear, Reversible shirts and Grid garments are best either washed in Nikwax BaseWash or in a non-bio detergent with Nikwax BaseFresh conditioner to maintain wicking performance and avoid odour build up.

More information on caring for your Páramo waterproof or other Páramo garments can be found here.

Please refer to our FAQ's for additional information or contact our friendly Customer Service team on 01892 786444.

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