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Aftercare & Maintenance

You’ve invested in the best outdoor gear on the market and so you’ll want to ensure that it continues to give optimum performance. For straightforward garment aftercare information, select from the garment type below to read our recommendations.

If you have a query about garment aftercare not covered below, please click hereto read frequently asked questions (FAQs), as it may be covered in that section.

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Caring for your Base Layer

All the Parameta® fabrics from which Páramo base layers are constructed can be laundered with a normal non-biological detergent on a 40 degree synthetic cycle in a washing machine or hand washed in warm water. We recommend Nikwax® BaseWash® for all Parameta® fabrics - it has been especially formulated for performance fabrics and offers distinct advantages:

  • enhancing your Páramo base layer's wicking performance, helping the fabric to absorb and spread every drop of perspiration more efficiently in order to dry quickly;
  • keeping you warmer in cold weather and cooler in humid climes;
  • inhibiting the build-up of body odour and refreshing the fabric;
  • prolonging the effective life of your base layer
  • all in an environmentally-friendly, water-based, non-persistent product that's easy and safe to use.

If you wish to limit your energy usage, all our laboratory testing suggests that you can wash with Nikwax® BaseWash® at lower temperatures (30C) without reducing effectiveness.

We recommend that you do not use either fabric conditioners or waterproofing products on Parameta® fabrics as this will affect their wicking performance.

Garments can be dried naturally or tumble-dried on a cool setting.

Caring for your Outer Layers

You’ve invested in the best waterproof gear on the market and so you’ll want to ensure that it continues to keep the weather out and let your perspiration escape. This can easily be done by regular cleaning and periodic reapplication of the right Nikwax® waterproofing product. Nikwax® aftercare products are Easier and Safer to use and combined with the innovation of Nikwax Analogy® garments keep you Drier.

The waterproof performance of your garment can be maintained indefinitely by following our guidelines. Nikwax® products are environmentally friendly, WaterBased, non-solvent and fluorocarbon free plus easy and safe to use.
Proper maintenance = enhances garment performance, aids your comfort and prolongs the life of your gear.


  • We recommend cleaning your garments with Nikwax® Tech Wash®, a wash-in soap-based, biodegradable liquid soap.
  • Conventional washing powder and liquid detergents destroy the water-repellent finishes on waterproof garments. If detergent has been used, garments will require cleaning with Nikwax® Tech Wash® and reproofing with Nikwax® TX.Direct Wash-In.
  • If you wish to save energy, our laboratory testing has shown that garments can be washed with Tech Wash® at 30C rather than 40C without reducing effectiveness.
How often should I wash my garments?

  • We advise washing with Tech Wash® every 4-8 weeks of regular wear. Rapid wetting of the outer fabric in rain (i.e. water absorbed by the fabric) is a sure sign the water-repellency is fading and washing is required.
How do I remove stubborn stains?

  • Stains such as food, mud or watermarks can be easily removed with undiluted Tech Wash® or any household detergent.
  • More stubborn oil or grease stains may require dry cleaning to remove them.
  • If detergents or dry cleaning are used, the garment will require washing with Tech Wash® followed by reproofing with Nikwax Wash-In TX.Direct®.
Reproofing with Wash-In TX.Direct®

  • Reproofing reduces the water-absorbency of outer fabrics, minimising weight gain, heat loss and optimising breathability. Keeps you drier and safer.
  • Nikwax Wash-In TX.Direct® is easy to use in a washing machine or by hand. It’s WaterBased so soaks in exactly where needed; no missed areas or over application problems. Every fibre is coated with water repellency, ensuring that no areas are missed.
  • Garments should be reproofed with Nikwax Wash-In TX.Direct® every 6-12 months, or when washing with Nikwax Tech Wash® fails to restore the water-repellency. Check by running water over part of the garment - water should run off in beads.
  • If you wish to save energy, our laboratory testing has shown that garments can be reproofed with Nikwax Wash-In TX.Direct® at 30C rather than 40C without reducing effectiveness.
Sizes available & where to buy

  • Tech Wash® and TX.Direct® are available in 100ml pouches, 300ml and 1litre sizes from your local outdoor retailer.
  • For a list of your nearest stockists and for further information or advice please visit the website at or ring Nikwax on +44 (0)1892 786400.

Nikwax Tech Wash®, Nikwax Wash-In TX.Direct®, Nikwax BaseWash® and Nikwax Analogy® are registered Trade Marks of Nikwax Ltd

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